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Specializes in providing various Public Safety & Security Equipments to meet the new challenges

   X-Ray Scanning systems
   Surveillance Systems
   Explosive Containments

We provide security solutions to the following segments of customers:-


The most traditional outlet for security systems. The airport systems for hand baggage and hold baggage protect life and goods of passengers against any possible terrorist attacks.

A careful check of parcels, bags and packages brought into penalty departments prevents the introduction of weapons, drugs and dangerous objects.

Courts are a natural target for terrorist attacks. Access control by means of X-ray systems is an effective countermeasure providing security

  Post offices
To check mail is a measure to avoid the delivery of envelopes and packages containing drugs or explosives.

Facilities used for special events which attract public attention can be attractive targets also for terrorists and do require a careful access screening. Checking the luggage and bags carried into hotels allows to prevent the introduction of weapons, drugs and other dangerous goods.

  Private Security
A lot of organizations require a high level of Security. Wherever security is a priority, the productivity and effectiveness of X-ray scanning systems can increase the security of any sensitive facility.

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Dr Jacob George

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Gilardoni offers a complete range of solutions to satisfy all the needs of the security market, from small control systems for hand baggage to mobile control systems for large objects.

In addition to providing a standard range of state of the art systems, Gilardoni's research and development team is at your disposal to propose customized solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

   FEP ME X-Ray Security Scanner
  FEP ME Software
  Hand held metal detectors and gates
  Video system
  PC based operator training and verification

SightLogix manufactures visible and thermal outdoor video analytics cameras that accurately detect, locate and track intrusions over large areas. The system provides reliable perimeter security in all environments, at lower costs. SightLogix intelligent video systems are deployed worldwide, in toughest weather conditions and offer security from theft and vandalism to protecting national installations.     U.S.A
Kirintec is a specialist in Internal Security applications and have in-depth experience in Surveillance, Search and EOD/IEDD. The company has intimate understanding of the equipment that Police, Customs and Military teams need, what they actually have, and how they use it.     UK

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